What to watch this summer ?

After a year of covid and everyone feeling overwhelmed and crippled by anxiety. It’s safe to say that we all deserve a break. What’s better to escape reality than television?

We are Lady parts is now streaming on Peacock!

From left to right Momtaz, Saira, Amina, Bisma and Ayesha

Amina is a shy, awkward, and young skillful guitarist who decides to join Lady parts, an all-women edgy punk band; composed of Saira lead singer, Ayesha drummer, Bisma bass player, and Momtaz manager. Eventually, the band will help her get out of her shell and more! We follow the band’s journey through Amina’s creative eyes, thus giving us off-the-wall and often hilarious scenes.
Of course, one cannot mention We are Lady parts and leave out the most significant characteristic of the series. All the characters are Muslims. Lady parts do not fall into the western trap of portraying Muslim women as damsels in distress. They are their own agent for once, and none of them take their hijab off for the love of a white man (yes, I’m looking at you, Elite). The show says that there is not one single way to be Muslim, and it is refreshing. Who said you can’t be punk and muslim? Essentially, if you like punk music, British humor, heartfelt and inspiring stories We are Lady part is everything you need. I’m positive that once you watch it, you might want to start a band. Here you can listen to the band’s featured music on the show and the official trailer over there.

And, if you loved We are lady parts, the next series is definitely for you.

So mark your calendar! Betty is back, June 11st, on HBO for a second season.

This series adapted from the movie Skate kitchen is the feel-good series for the summer. We follow a group of friends, Kirt, Camille, Janay, Honeybear, and Indigo, living their lives and skating around the beautiful city of New York. They fight for their rights to skate as young women in a sport filled up by men. They share joyful and challenging moments and grow as people together. If you want to escape the harsh reality of life while daydreaming about having a supportive group of friends, Betty is what you need. The first season sets the tone for a vibrating and exciting show and season 2 looks just as great. Here you can check the teaser for the second season.

For those who want a little bit of nostalgia in the summer time: the hit series Gossip Girl is back July 8th on HBO max!

New generation of Upper Eastsiders

Though we are doubtful of reboots and spin-offs because they are often not so good. The return of Gossip Girl could change the equation. First of all, Kristen Bell retook her part in the show, so it feels like we are back in time. Secondly, diversity! Yes, the original show was great, but it mainly was cis straight, rich white people, and the reboot wants to change that, so we have to give it the benefit of the doubt.
Moreover, Joshua Safran, the executive producer, promises a mix between a reboot and a continuation of the original show. We are ready to let go of Chuck, Dan, Blair, Serena, and Nate and see what he offers us. Plus, we are back in the breathtaking city that is New York, and just for that reason only, following a bunch of rich kids acting up and going shopping to solve their problems is not that bad. Even though Gossip Girl tackles important issues, the glamorous and captivating ambiance takes away the heavier stuff. If you are a fan of the first generation or new to the Gossip Girl mania, you can watch the official teaser here.

Season two of Special is now streaming on Netflix.

This series is a heartwarming story about, Ryan, a disabled gay man fighting for emancipation from an overbearing mother. It only fits that we talk about this show during pride month. Season 1 was great. We laughed, cried, got angry with the main character, but more importantly, we fell in love with him as he desperately tried to date. Now, he finally knows what he wants, and he is not afraid to take it. After a year of doubt caused by the pandemic, we all could learn from Ryan and try and take a leap of faith sometimes.

Last but not least, the Italian series Zero on Netflix, which came out last April, is a must watch.

« to be invisible is the real power »

Yes, I know; Zero came out in the spring but hear me out!

Omar is a shy person who realizes that he can become invincible, just like the heroes in the comics that he loves so much. With his new power, he decides to try and save the barrio in which he lives from real estate developers. On his quest, he will make friends with Sara, Rico, and Sharif. With Zero, we talk about racism, poverty, and love. The topics appear to be much heavier than the previous shows mentioned, but the scenery and the soundtrack make everything easier and lighter. And we cannot help but note that the cast is composed of handsome and talented actors making the viewing a delightful experience.

Some of the recommendations above are second seasons which means that it is time to binge! And for those who do not do that, well, those shows can last you longer, and if you want my opinion, it is a pretty great deal.

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